Through courses, competitions, and practical experiences, we cultivate students' abilities in ten aspects: morality, intelligence, physical fitness, social skills, aesthetics, planning, communication, technology, internationalization, and employment. This holistic education approach establishes a solid foundation for self-realization.
— Ming Chuan University 10 Pillars

10 Pillars Education for Future Workplace Design: Cultivating High-Quality Knowledge Workers in the AI Era

Ming Chuan University is dedicated to nurturing modern workplace elites, actively promoting AI technology education and sustainable development principles, and integrating them with 10 Pillars Education to strengthen students' AI and sustainable application capabilities. 10 Pillars Education combines traditional cultivation in morality, intelligence, physical fitness, social skills, and aesthetics with strengths in planning, communication, technology, internationalization, and employment, creating interdisciplinary and cross-cultural experiences essential for the AI era and providing students with comprehensive and in-depth learning experiences for their future development.

Ming Chuan University's 10 Pillars Education not only encompasses learning AI technology but also actively promotes interdisciplinary integration and practice. Through hands-on experience, students learn to communicate and collaborate with teams from different professional backgrounds. 10 Pillars Education fosters students' abilities for self-directed learning and problem-solving, crucial in the continuous innovation and problem-solving process inherent in AI technology applications. Through 10 Pillars Education, students learn innovative thinking and problem identification. Additionally, rich online learning content enables convenient digital participation, breaking the constraints of traditional educational frameworks regarding time, space, credits, and learning hours. Students plan their own schedules and learning progress over four years of university to obtain the 10 Pillars Certificate, with outstanding performance leading to the award of the Excellence 10 Pillars Certificate.