A Fresh Experience in Interdisciplinary Learning: Achieve 10 Pillars to Enhance Employability

Ming Chuan University's Ten Fundamental Competencies represent an interdisciplinary learning initiative that spans multiple fields, embodying the concept of holistic education. By completing the requirements for the 10 Pillars, you will obtain the Basic 10 Pillars Certificate, which not only enriches your resume but also showcases your multifaceted workplace capabilities during the job application process, enabling you to tackle various challenges effectively. After achieving the Basic 10 Pillars, you are encouraged to pursue Excellence in 10 Pillars. By mastering four or more advanced abilities, you can not only obtain the Excellence in 10 Pillars Certificate but also receive a letter of recommendation from the university president. This can greatly assist in initial job applications and undoubtedly play a pivotal role during interviews.
Ming Chuan University Procedures for 10 Pillars Competency Evaluation

Basic 10 Pillars Certificate Acquisition Process

  • Upon meeting the criteria for each competency, the system will automatically verify completion without the need for application. To check the status of each competency, please refer to the student information system.

Excellence in 10 Pillars Certificate Acquisition Process

  • After completing the Basic 10 Pillars, please ensure that you have achieved at least four Excellence in 10 Pillars according to the criteria for each competency. Then, apply through the student information system. Upon approval, you will receive the Excellence Certificate along with the president's recommendation letter.
  • For detailed instructions on applying for Excellence in 10 Pillars, please refer to the application procedure.